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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the tables made?


Our cement table tops are "replicated" from hand-picked vintage barn wood.  Materials used to achieve an authentic wood plank appearance are proprietory in nature, but we can assure you they are cement!

Is the artisan local to Boise?


Steve resides in the beautiful mountains of Boise Idaho .. grateful his weekly commute to downtown is along one of the most scenic bi-ways in the U.S.  You can find Steve at his "store front" every Saturday on 8th & Bannock Streets at the Capital City Public Market.

Made for outdoors?


Our outdoor furniture consists of cement, backer board and steel tubing (with a protective coating), made with the intention of being placed beneath a patio cover to avoid excessive exposure to outside elements -- in particular, heavy snow loads on dining tables with large surface areas.



No coasters needed!  There is zero absorption, so no worry about water damage or stain from a spill.  Moisten a clean cloth with water (avoid chemicals) to clean table top surface and metal trim as needed.  Use a large bristle brush or a vacuum to clean between grooves.  Request our smoother planks, if desired, for your custom-made item.

Hot items?


Table tops are made of cement, but do have a protective sealant applied.  For this reason, warm items may be placed on table tops, however, we recommend avoiding hot items to come in direct contact with the table top surfaces.

How heavy?


Our heaviest standard items are the dining table (220 lbs.) and the rectangular fire table (250 lbs.)  These tables are not heavier than tables made of real wood slabs.  Furniture pads for indoor items, and casters for wine barrel fire tables help our tables to slide / roll with ease.

More FAQs

Do I need to reseal or maintain?


Our cement planks do not need to be resealed, and other than cleaning as needed, require very little maintenance.  However, wine barrels may need to be resealed every couple of years with a quick coating of linseed oil.

Delivery fee?


We are available at the Capital City Public Market every Saturday April thru November, if you'd like to pick up your item there between 9:00-1:00. Otherwise, deliveries are made after Market on Saturdays: free within Ada County (and along Hwy 21 up to Idaho City).  Inquire for outside this area.

Ship out-of-state?


We ship coast-to-coast.  For example, it is approximately $150 to ship to a fire table to a carrier terminal for customer pick up in Seattle, WA or Salt Lake City, UT.  Please call for a quote to ship to your area.  There is NO TAX on items purchased out-of-state.  Photo shown: Latrobe, PA



We make benches, as well as standard size stools.  We do not make stools that are very tall nor too narrow in order to maintain stability. 

Smooth cement tops?


No, we are set up for an entirely different production process.  We may, however, consider this type of finish in the future.  For now, we focus on achieving a beautiful authentic wood plank appearance for our cement table tops.

Counter tops?


We do not make counter tops, per se.  We can make any size table top without the base; however, keep in mind there needs to be a finished edge with steel trim all the way around the table top.   Our product may be better suited for free-standing items, such as a kitchen island.